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exe VarioCapture 2.46 Software (6 Mb)

Vario CapturePro Software

The functions of VarioCapture are similar for cameras and modules.

    Supplied items

    Items included in the delivery:

  • CD-ROM with the software VarioCapture
  • User manual

    The software VarioCapture is intended for the remote-control of infrared devices (cameras and modules). VarioCapture enables the remote operation of the device, the real-time transfer of recorded images and the saving of images and image sequences.

    Images can be directly transferred to the computer as RGB-images or as IR-images. Furthermore, infrared images can be saved in IRB-format on an SD-card, and can be subsequently downloaded on a computer and evaluated using the suitable infrared analysis software.

    The infrared device can be controlled via the command interface. A separate documentation including the suitable commands is also available from Jenoptik. Remote control via the command interface is possible via RS-232-, IEEE-1394-interface (FireWire), WLAN and Gigabit Ethernet


    Additional pictures

    Visible image


    Merged image

    Image display in the IR-mode

    IR picture

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