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VarioAnalysePro Software

New convenient features, making thermogramanalysis even more easier and comfortable.

    Supplied items

    Items included in the delivery:

  • CD-ROM with software for Windows operating systems as executable file User manual.


  • Windows-like''Thermogram EXPLORER''for thermogram browsing & selection
  • More quicklier & easier access to different functions (e.g.color palette, units)
  • Measurement spots & areas are just limited to 20
  • Storeable & loadable measurement spots & areas
  • Easy resizeable & moveable measurement spots & areas
  • Improved profile
  • Freely selectable measurement grid
  • Advanced export functions (image,measurement results, sending filevia E-mail)
  • Report templates in different formats (DIN, US letter)
  • Storeable Report templates
  • Reports storable as JPG file
    Application field of VarioAnalyze

    The VarioAnalyze software is used to manage, analyze and evaluate infrared images (thermograms). In particular, it is used for convenient analysis of thermograms which were taken using JENOPTIK thermal cameras.

    Additional pictures

    VarioAnalyze Explorer window

    VarioAnalyze Analysis window

    Report window

    IR image with grid

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