Irbis3 Analysis Software

Features of IRBIS / Software package :

  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Palette selection
  • Temperature display range
  • Merging (IR and visual)
  • Integrated WORD-based report function
  • Image editing functions (interpolationrotate, reverse, etc)
  • Measured areas (spot, line, polygon, rectangle, circle, ellipse)
  • Temperature profile diagram
  • Differential image or spot display
  • Various statistics functions histograms
  • 3D thermogram display
  • Display/define isotherms
  • Correction of emissivity
  • Adoption of GPS coordinates
  • Temperature-time diagram, profile-time diagram
  • 3D temperature profile display
The new dimension of thermography analysis

The state-of-the art IRBIS3 software package designed by InfraTec represents the ideal tool for fast analysis of thermographic image data and for comfortably drafting WORD reports. Packages of several levels are available with application specifi c expansion modules. IRBIS3 is compatible with all thermographic cameras of the InfraTec product range.

The modular software concept permits a custom-made and applicationspecific program confi guration and facilitates its application in any field.

Basic functions

Support of file formats of all camera types of the InfraTec product range

Multi-lingual user interface

Visualization of thermal images with screen/printer-optimized color palettes

Manual and automatic temperature range selection

Temperature profiles along any lines and across any measured areas

Automatic indication ofmaximum and minimum temperatures mean value

Print and export of thermal images or tables of measured values

Display of up to 10 coloured isotherms

Image improvement by digital filtering

Integrated WORD-based report function


Additional graphic and image-editing functions

Freely definable color wedges and enlargement factors

Accumulation of recorded thermographic images

Visualization of images in the differential image mode

Various models for correcting the emissivity

Correction of the emissivity by pixel

Establishing the difference of temperature values of thermal images

Multi-window option

Various statistics functions

Setting up video sequences


Additional pictures

Sequence editor

Report generator




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