High speed thermography for rotating objects

High speed thermography for rotating objects - Brake test bench check for long-life fatigue strength of mechanical components in load tests, using high-end infrared cameras


  • Automatic hotspot detection
  • Alarm function against transgression of critical temperature limits in a live load test
  • Measurements in various transformation views
  • Synchronous crude data acquisition
  • Online display during the test
  • Quick data acquisition with InfraTec's high-end systems
  • Powerful evaluation software available
Rotational test benches made by InfraTec

The automotive industry's wearing part requirements concerning lifetime and quality are increasing steadily. To investigate rotational parts, such as brakes and clutches under different load conditions, InfraTec GmbH has developed a thermographic measurement setup solution. The test object will be sampled at sample rates which range up to the kilohertz band. Data acquisition will be triggered automatically by the testing machine. Various transformations can be done to display and archive the thermographic data. The thermography evaluation software IRBIS 3 rotate is available to analyse the acquired data.

Mechanical components in a load test

The long-life fatigue strength and wearout are important characteristics of mechanical components. Manufacturers test these with certified procedures. Thermal measuring can be the decisive relief needed for evaluations under stress.

Additional pictures

Rotating test bench

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