WIFI wireless remote control

  • hazardous environments
  • areas with limited accessibility
  • long time surveillance or monitoring

Wireless remote camera control and thermographic imaging via WLAN

High Quality thermography takes place in numerous applications and in various environments. Unfortunately, not all environments are suited for human camera operators, for example areas that exhibit radioactivity, high magnetic fields, toxic atmospheres or biohazards. Also there can be limited access to camera controls due to restricted space or - as in the case of surveillance and monitoring applications - due to a separation between the infrared imager and the image evaluation and analysis software.

All of these applications require remote control of the thermal imager as well as reliable image transfer to an operating center. In many cases also wireless data transmission is required due to restricted cable connection.

As a solution for these scenarios, many IR cameras provide a WLAN option for remote camera control and data transmission in: hazardous environments, areas with limited accessibility, long time surveillance or monitoring.
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