PCB failure analysis

High resolution thermography helping to precisely evaluate local hot spots on dense PCBs for failure analysis


  • Highly accurate temperature measurements
  • Failure analysis of smallest structures
  • precisely evaluate local hot spots
The Problem

In the process of quality control of PC board (PCB) design, problems with a certain PCB occurred, leading to a failure of the device the PCB has been designed for. The malfunction of the PC board occurred after 3 years proper working in the field. It is concerned that the affected items sum up to approx. 2% of a manufacturing batch.

The solution

For this purpose a high resolution IR camera was chosen. The thermal images were visualized directly and in real-time by the camera large display. This is important for handheld operation of the camera, for example when an already installed system needs to be tested. For automated board inspection, e.g. in an assembly line during production, the camera can be controlled by a remote PC via different standard interfaces such as IEEE1394 Firewire or RS232. The high resolution thermographs of the board clearly showed an excess temperature compared to the board ambient temperature. The excess temperature location could so be narrowed down to the critical area presumed to be defective.


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