Ladle Hot Spot Detection (LHSD)

Ladle temperature measurements with infrared thermography are an ideal basis for the early detection of impending breakage


  • Full automatic operation without stopping the crane
  • Reliable alarm release at defined pre- and main alarm limits
  • Temperature trend recording and analysis for all ladles
  • Customised system alignment and adjustment
  • Decentralised monitoring of system status and measured values
  • Recall of all recorded data for comparison and optimisation
  • Remote access available
Ladle Hot Spot Detection (LHSD)

The Ladle Hot Spot Detection (LHSD) system uses the latest infrared technology to monitor the temperature of the ladle steel structure. Up to five infrared cameras observe the ladles while the crane is moving past the inspection site. The temperature measurements are completely automatic and require no manual interaction. If the ladles have been provided with a suitable marking, each ladle can be identified and matched with its data. LHSD automatically releases the alarm if a preset temperature threshold is transcended. This reliably prevents dangerous and loss-making ladle breakage.

Automatic Ladle Monitoring - Reliable thermographic complete solutions from InfraTec

A ladle typically contains up to 290 tonnes of hot, liquid steel when it is transporting the melted good to the continuous caster. 290 tonnes of hot, liquid steel does not only represent a high material value for the steelworks, which has to be protected, but also an enormous hazard potential to the ladle itself, all other equipment and, of course, to the employees of the steelworks, too. Ladle-temperature measurements with contact-free infrared thermography are an ideal basis for the early detection of impending breakage.

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