• 100 mm telephoto lens with 500 mm close-up lens -> Pixel resolution 75 μm
  • 1 x microscopic lens (measurement distance 19 cm) -> Pixel resolution 15 μm
  • 3 x microscopic lens (measurement distance 2 cm) -> Pixel resolution 5 μm

As electronic devices continue to decrease in size, heat generation and thermal dissipation become increasingly important. Most failures in electronic packages, components and assemblies are either caused by excessive heat or they generate excessive heat. Localized heating induces temperature stresses that can affect device reliability and performance. For example, short circuits can grow over time and cause catastrophic falures. Microscopic thermography measures and displays the temperature distribution over the surface of semiconductor devices, enabling quick detection of hot spots and thermal gradients wich can indicate a defect site and frequently lead to decreased efficiency and early failure. Temperature mapping can be used to verify thermal design rules, verify die and solder attach, and optimize thermal packages.

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