Thermography for insulation checks

IR cameras for asset inspections


  • Condition base preventive maintenance is most cost efficient
  • Thermography allows inspections of a wide range of faults
  • Imaging solution provides first indications at the place of inspection
  • Tracing of condition of assets over time is possible
  • Efficient reporting with integrated thermographic software
Thermography is the most flexible method of predictive maintenance

A growing interlinking of production chains require a steadily increasing availability. Predictive and condition base maintenance greatly contributes to this.

IR cameras provide for efficient inspection by visualisation and alarming

Special advantages of IR cameras resides in non-contact temperature measurement. Thereby, the behavior of the facility won't be influenced by the checks.

Fast reporting of essential inspection results

A big advantage of IR cameras is the easy handling and the low maintenance needs. The Thermographic software IRBIS 3 provides efficient analysis of thermographic data and reporting for the transfer of crucial inspection results.

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