Thermography in health

Thermography in human medecine is versatile and efficient


  • Thermography as non-contact and non-invasive process is patient-friendly
  • IR cameras provide a detailed picture of the body temperature distribution in an efficient way
  • Flexible use of thermography for various disease patterns
  • Imaging of smallest temperature differences in high resolution
IR camera systems make imaging of body temperature possible

The body temperature is an essential indicator for people's health, and thus, much attention has been given to its determination. Measuring temperature with IR cameras comes with particular advantages for doctors as well as patients.

Thermography is a flexible and budget-friendly diagnostic method

Since multiple disease pattern can be diagnosed through information on the body's temperature distribution, thermography represent a highly flexible procedure which is, in comparison to other processes in medical engineering , budget-friendly.

IR cameras can provide successful analysis

Minimal differences in degrees Celsius can be a crucial factor for a successful diagnosis. IR cameras can be equipped with close-up lenses in order to analyze a small body region in detail.

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