Airborne thermography

Airborne thermo. provides you with a fast and wide area overview


  • Detection of energy losses of buildings
  • High geometrical resolution allows recognition of small structure from big heights
  • Fast IR camera systems offer low smearing
  • Integration of GPS data and visual images
  • Wide range of accessories like gimbal systems
IR Cameras with high pixel count and special lenses will display smallest details on the ground

The high geometrical resolution of IR cameras allows for the detection of small details from a big height. Like this for instance animals can be surveyed without disturbing them in their natural behavior. Power transmission lines can be monitered from a helicopter despite their small thickness.

Complex data acquisition and storage provides for easy analysis

FurthThermal images and sequences of IR camera systems can be further enhanced by other data. The tools from the software family IRBIS 3 allow for instance to include images by fast high-resolution cameras in the visible spectrum or GPS data. Thereby also thermal images can be analyzed much easier. Also automated tools for reduction  of large amounts of data will add to this handling support.

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