Active thermography

Non-destructive and contact-free material testing

    Advantages in material testing

  • Non-destructive material testing prevents scrap
  • Contact-free testing with low thermal stress
  • Offers informative images of defects
  • Large, curved surfaces are easy to inspect
  • Categorisation of defect types
  • Extensive inspection, even with one-sided test
Active thermography - Flexible solutions

Active thermography is a procedure for non-destructive material testing. A heat flow is induced by an energetic excitation of the test object. The resulting heat (detected by the IR camera) is influenced by interior material layers and defects. These defects can be captured on the obect surface by high precision IR-cameras.

Thermographic cameras with highest precision and speed

InfraTec's high-end thermographic cameras are the centerpiece of active thermography solutions.Highest geometric resolutions of up to (1,280 X 1,024) IR-pixels and thermal resolution of far below 0,015 K are the basis for a precise detection of the smallest material defects.

Modular system design for precisely fitting inspections

InfraTec offers a wide variety of necessary components along with a modular system architecture for every elaborate configuration.

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