Spectral thermography

Spectral thermography provides material specific precision measurements


  • Band Notch filter for protection against CO2 laser, and measurements on plastic foils
  • Narrow-band filters, longwave-pass filters (LWP), shortwave-pass filters (SWP), bandpass filters (BP) and narrow bandpass filters (NBP)
  • Thermography of gases and flames as well as on glass and through glass with spectral filters
  • Filters close to the detector of the IR camera avoid warm aperture effects
Measurements in ranges with high emissivity reduce measurement error

Emissivity values of materials vary greatly throughout the IR spectrum. Concentrating the thermographic measurements on spectral ranges with an explicitly high or low emissivity can lead to detection of special effects.

Measurements of ranges with high transmission

Concentrating on spectral ranges at which the transmission of the material is especially high allow for doing thermographic measurements of objects behind the material.

Wide range of spectral filters for mounting close to the detector

InfraTec offers a wide range of special filters for thermographic measurement of the most different materials and applications. Those filters can be customized.

Additional pictures

Spectral thermography : on-glass measurement

Thermography of a lamp with a through-glass filter

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