NDT Active Thermography

Active infrared thermography is a technology for non-destructive testing, which uses an external energy source to induce (excite) the thermal difference between defected and undamaged areas in the sample being tested. A wide range of energy sources are used, and the most frequent types can be divided into lighting (optical), mechanical, and inductive. The breakdown of active thermography approaches is displayed in the image.


  • Built-in Webserver for control and vizualization;
  • Fully calibrated up to 550 degC (optional +1,500 degC);
  • Economical 160 pixels, 336 pixels or 640 pixels detector;
  • Ethernet TCP/IP Process communication;
  • 4 channel isolated current or voltage outputs;
  • 4 digital trigger inputs for sync and timing;
  • 7 digital alarm outputs for technology control;
  • Standardized M12 circular connectors;

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