TMS7138A Wuhan Guide

TMS7138A is an payload system that consists with 3-axis stabilized gimbals, HD visible camera and uncooled IR thermal imaging camera. This system is not only increasing the UAV's flight time, but also monitoring and inspecting air-to ground conditions, as well as equipped with infrared camera for temperature measurement


  • Thermal imaging and temperature measurement functions, switchable modes of temperature measurement and non-temperature measurement
  • Clearly indentify the abnormal hot spot during 10 meters by IR camera and 10mm screw by HD visible camera;
  • 1080P HD visual video and real time IR video streaming, switchable at any time;
  • Simultaneous visible photo and IR photo snapshot and continuous shooting;
  • IR video and visible video can superimpose payloads status information and IR video data includes the temperatures of max, min and center;

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