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Workswell SMARTIS

All in one solution featuring a thermal camera, control unit, I/O card as well as a TCP/IP interface integrated within a single casing


  • Built-in Webserver for control and vizualization;
  • Fully calibrated up to 550 degC (optional +1,500 degC);
  • Economical 160 pixels, 336 pixels or 640 pixels detector;
  • Ethernet TCP/IP Process communication;
  • 4 channel isolated current or voltage outputs;
  • 4 digital trigger inputs for sync and timing;
  • 7 digital alarm outputs for technology control;
  • Standardized M12 circular connectors;


    Workswell SMARTIS (Smart Thermal Imaging System) is the first sample of a new category of so-called intelligent thermal cameras. It is an all-in-one solution featuring a thermal camera, control unit, I/O card as well as a TCP/IP interface integrated within a single casing including an in-built webserver allowing for communication with a superior system including any PLC.

    The Workswell SMARTIS thermal camera can be operated and configured independently without the need for a direct connection to a PC or a superior unit. The thermal camera is offered in resolutions of 336 x 256 px and 640 x 512 px. A LWIR (long wave infrared) microbolometer with the spectral range of 7.5 to  13.5 μm has been used as an optical sensor.

    Typical applications

     Automation  Process control  Machine vision  Multi-pyrometric functions with Analog output  Metrology and R&D for process control  Fire-Safety applications  Temperature measurement in food processes

    The Workswell SMARTIS thermal camera is designed for process automation and machine vision but can also be used for continuous measurements of temperature in metrological and research applications. The SMARTIS thermal camera has been designed for use in process automation so that it can autonomously control a smaller process however, its part can also become a part of the control system. Therefore, it has been equipped with a TCP/IP interface (Ethernet 100Mb/sec, RJ-45) which is complemented with digital inputs and analogue outputs (current loop 0-24 ma/12 V). The measurement scope of the thermal camera ranges from -25 oC to 550 oC, optionally up to 1500o C. Metrologic accuracy (+/- 2% or +/- 2o C) and sensitivity (up to 50 mK, i.e. 0.05o C) have stood as priorities in the thermal camera development.

    Most important parameters:
  • An in-built webserver for the setting of the thermal camera and visualisation of the data measured
  • A TCP/IP interface for communication with a superior system
  • digital inputs/outputs enabling triggering and alarm outputs
  • Temperature measurement up to 1500o C, calibrated within the full temperature scale
  • A wide spectrum of measurement functions (temperature profile, measurement point, areas enabling minimum and maximum assessments etc.)
  • Communication Interface: 4x current output (0 - 24 mA/12 V current loop)  - 7x digital output (with an open collector) -  4x digital input/output for trigger Ethernet TCP/IP with a RJ-45 connector for communication with PLC, but also with the in-built webserver

    Model no. Workswell SMARTIS 336 Workswell SMARTIS 640
    Image Frequency 9Hz, 30Hz or 60Hz 9Hz, 30Hz
    Resolution 336 x 256 pixels 640 x 512 pixels
    Optics (FOV) 17o, 25o, 35o, 45o 32o, 45o, 69o
    Spectral response 7.5 to  13.5 μm 7.5 to 13.5 μm
    Accuracy +/-2% or +/- 2o C +/-2% or +/- 2o C
    Focus Continuous Manual Continuous Manual
    Temperature sensitivity 0.05o C (50mK) 0.05o C (50mK)
    Temperature ranges -25o C to +150o C, -40o C to +550o C -25o C to +150o C, -40o C to +550o C
    optional with external filter +400o C to +1 500o C and 50o C to 1000o C +400o C to +1 500o C and 50o C to 1000o C

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