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Therm-App Hz

Android Thermographic Imaging Device
Turning Android smartphones in to Professional Thermography cameras
  • Microbolometer 384 x 288 IR pixels (110,000 pixels)
  • LWIR spectral range (7.5 ... 14 um)
  • Sensitivity NEDT 0.07degC
  • 25 Hz frame rate
  • Digital zoom
  • Manual Focus, 0.2m to infinity
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Encapsulation housing (IP 54)
  • Touchscreen controls, Smartphone clip-on
  • Various IR lenses and accessories
Therm-App Hz for Thermography - the Tool of the Future

Therm-App HZ is a high-end solution for security, safety and other night/outdoor applications. Through its higher 25 Hz frame rate, Therm-App Hz delivers smooth thermal images, especially when the user or the targets observed are on the move, using a variety of interchangeable lenses ranging from 6,8 mm to 35 mm. 

Fields of Application
  • Slag detection
  • Early fire detection of waste bunkers
  • Monitoring of roller mills
  • Test benches for high-speed rotating objects
  • Automotive
  • Test of solar cells
  • Temperature control of bulk goods
  • Environment protection
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Industrial operation

  • Precise tapping control
  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Manual and Auto temperature scalestapping process
  • Video and Sound recording
  • Full thermographic data export
  • Digital zoom
  • Multiple color palettes
  • Customized annotations
  • Instant share and upload to Dropbox


    IRT Cronista, a unique tool to organize your infrared images, their evaluation and the generation of significant reports. All functions needed for image management, analysis and report generation are cobined in one piece of software.

  • Overview
    IRT Cronista Organizer is used to organize your files and folders on your computer or workspace. In Organizer you can:
    • copy, delete, rename and create new folders and directories,
    • link infrared images with their visual counterparts,
    • edit and create new sets of notations,
    • add comments,
    • Select the coler palette and displayed temperature range,
    • modify properties of infrared image, a.s.o.

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