Infratec ImageIR 10300 with (1,920 x 1,536) IR pixels

The ImageIR 10300 from InfraTec is a top of the line camera of the high-end series ImageIR

  • Cooled FPA photon detector with 1,920 x 1,536 IR pixels
  • Thermal resolution at 30 degrees C: 0.03 K
  • Spectral range: 3.6 to 4.9 μm
  • Long-life high performance Stirling cooler
  • Frame rate up to 100 Hz, GigE Vision interface
  • Pixel resolution up to 10 μm
  • Motor focus unit for all changeable state-of-the-art standard optics
  • Control via the camera's application software
    The top model of the ImageIR series symbolises InfraTec's accumulated knowledge from 25 years of applied thermography. It incorporates the consequence of our own development efforts, which strive consistently for perfection. And it reflects the skills of experienced engineers, who check each component's suitability to produce in the end a precise high-tech measurement instrument.

    The ImageIR 10300 with its enormous geometric resolution marks the current highpoint of the high-end camera series produced in Dresden. The detector format, in combination with the small pitch dimension of 10 um, ensures that measurement, inspection and surveillance tasks can be solved even more efficiently than before. Everywhere that very fine structures need to be analysed on large-surface measurement objects, for example, users save time, effort and thus costs.

    Recognise the smallest temperature differences, thanks to a high thermal sensitivity

    The high-quality optics are largely responsible for the camera's outstanding thermal sensitivity. Their large opening widths increase the share of radiation that can be received and so result in extremely precise thermal images. As a result, the camera suits for a versatile field of applications. This includes measurement and inspection tasks in the area of research and development for industry and science as well as surveillance tasks within the context of security measures.

    Create and transmit thermograms at high speed

    Such sophisticated applications make special demands on the capability of infrared cameras. For that reason, InfraTec itself developed a corresponding network adapter for the ImageIR 10300's 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface that handles this extremely fast transmission standard. The network adapter works with plug-in, modular, optical or electrical transceiver modules that are easy to replace and are designated SFP+. Despite the extremely large detector format, complete picture transmission achieves an image rate of up to 100 Hz. Through this, users can store large amounts of measurement data on a computer in the shortest amount of time. Different 10 GigE glass-fibre SFP+ support transmission ranges of up to ten kilometres while simultaneously maintaining complete insensitivity to electromagnetic disturbances, even in the roughest industrial environment. Additional possibilities open up by using a Thunderbolt adapter. In this way the camera can be controlled via laptop, too. 

    Always stay flexible with the modular system

    Like the entire high-end camera series, the ImageIR 10300 is also made up of several modules. This simplifies individual adaptation to your demands. Numerous components can be retrofitted even after the original configuration is established. The modular design likewise includes the camera housing. Produced from high-strength aluminium, it is suited for use under rough environmental conditions due to its compact dimensions and low weight. The interfaces are equipped with industrial plug connectors that maintain the protection degree.

    Master the most complex measurement and inspection tasks yourself

    High object temperatures or specific material characteristics of the measurement objects can make analysis with thermographic systems considerably more challenging. For such cases, InfraTec offers equipment with an optional aperture or filter wheel. Each is motorised and can be operated through the camera controller.

    For example, if extremely high temperatures on objects are measured, the apertures weaken the respective radiation accordingly. With calibrated measurement ranges, a previously determined aperture is automatically selected and used for image recording.

    If specific emission or transmission characteristics of the measurement object make the task more difficult, users can equip the ImageIR 10300 with a filter wheel. As a result, the camera's range of use is expanded to cover the area of spectral thermography. In this way, transmission is prevented with thin foils and only their purely emitted radiation is recorded for temperature measurement. The wheel offers room for up to five spectral filters and, accordingly, numerous variants, so the thermography system can be adapted to target the measurement and inspection task on site.

    Use the trigger interface and software to work efficiently and conveniently

    An integrated trigger interface ensures the highly precise, exactly repeatable triggering of fast processes. Two configurable inputs and outputs each serve to record external analog and digital signals synchronized with the image or to generate digital control signals for external devices. The powerful IRBIS 3 software family, developed by InfraTec, supports the ImageIR 10300 with a wide range of analysis and processing tools in complex thermographic investigations.

    ImageIR can be run with extremely fast frame rates in full screen as well as in subwindowing formats.

    Main fields of application
    • Aerospace technology
    • Automotive industry and mechanical engineering
    • Laser and weldind technology
    • Electronics/microelectronics, assembly group testing
    • Glass, plastic and steel industry
    • Research and development
    • Non-destructive testing of material (NDT)
    • Object surveillance
    • Medecine
    • Quality assurance in bonding techniques and blowhole

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