R&S HMC8112 Precision digital multimeter

Key Features

          6 1/2 - Digit Display (1,200,000 Counts)

          Resolution: 100 nV, 100 pA, 100 μΩ, 0.01 deg C/F

          DC Basic Accuracy 0.003 %

          2-Wire/4-Wire Measurements

          Measurement Intervals adjustable from 0.1 to 60 s

          Up to 100 Measurements per Second transmitted to a PC

          True RMS Measurement, AC and DC+AC

          Mathematic Functions: Limit Testing, Minimum/Maximum, Average and Offset

          Temp. Measurements with Platinum (PT100/PT1000) and Ni (K and J types) Sensors

          Internal Data Logger for up to 32,000 Measurement Results

          Offset Correction

          Galvanically isolated USB/RS-232 Dual-Interface, optional IEEE-488 (GPIB)

          [HM8112-3S]: HM8112-3 incl. Scanner Card (8+1 Channels each 2- and 4-Wire)

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