R&S RTO Digital Oscilloscopes

    Models :

  • 600 MHz : RTO1002 (2 ch) & RTO1004 (4 ch)
  • 1,0   GHz : RTO1012 (2 ch) & RTO1014 (4 ch)
  • 2,0   GHz : RTO1022 (2 ch) & RTO1024 (4 ch)
  • 4,0   GHz : RTO1004 (4 ch)

With an acquisition rate of one million waveforms per second - the highest rate available on the market - the
R&S RTO oscilloscopes find signal faults quickly. They even capture and analyze rare signal details that, until now,
have often gone undetected. The world's first realtime digital trigger system precisely correlates the trigger event to
the measurement signal. In this way, it not only helps to detect errors with extreme reliability, but also to accurately
locate them.

When measuring signals in the millivolt range, high oscilloscope sensitivity is essential. The low-noise input amplifier
and the A/D converter with its excellent dynamic range of more than seven effective bits add only very low
noise to the measurement waveform. Furthermore, the active probes - with their low inherent noise, wide dynamic
range and low offset drift - ensure that this high level of sensitivity and accuracy is also maintained directly at the
test point.

Despite the wide variety of measurement and analysis functions, the oscilloscopes are easy and intuitive to operate.
Flat menu structures and signal flow diagrams simplify navigation. Transparent operating menus do not hide
any of the measurement diagrams, and signal icons with realtime preview clearly show what is currently happening.

Key Features

High acquisition rates without limitation of functionality

Fast error analysis with the history view function

High measurement speed, even for complex analysis functions

FFT-based spectrum analysis: powerful and user-friendly

Sophisticated analysis with up to three simultaneous waveforms per channel

Precise measurements due to low trigger jitter

High trigger sensitivity at full bandwidth

Straightforward, smart menu structure

Precise measurements due to very low inherent noise

High dynamic range due to single-core A/D converter

Full measurement bandwidth, even for input sensitivity ranges ≤ 10 mV/div

High channel-to-channel isolation prevents crosstalk

Increased resolution for precise measurement of small signal amplitudes

16-bit vertical resolution available

Realtime triggering on smallest signal details

High acquisition rate and full functionality for fast measurement results

High dynamic range and sensitivity

Correlation between frequency and time

Fast and easy configuration

Straightforward, configurable reports

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