R&S NRP2 Power meter

Versatile and user-friendly


  • Cost-effective and compact : sensor operation on a laptop/PC via USB
  • Comprehensive portfolio for power measurements from DC to 110 ghz, from -67 dBm to +45 dBm
  • 90 dB dynamic range with three-path diode power sensors
  • Precise analysis of the envelope power with wideband power sensors
  • Top accuracy with thermal power sensors
  • Up to four R&S NPR-Zxx power sensors can be simultaneously connected to the NRP2 base unit


The most important feature for accurate and uncomplicated power measurements are top measurement accuracy and speed as well as simple operation on a base unit or a laptop/PC. The NRP power meter family combines all characteristics in the NRP2 base unit, NRPV virtual power meter PC software and a comprehensive portfolio of USB-capable power sensors. The NRP family is ideal for use in production, R&D and calibration labs as well as for installation and maintenabce tasks.
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