AOIP PC6 Pro Pressure calibrators

The PC6 Pressure Calibrator combines the latest developments in pressure instrumentation with advanced sensor and component technology to offer a versatile calibration instrument.


  • Low cost, small and portable
  • Pressure measurement range -1 to 1000bar / -30 inHg to 15,000psi
  • Voltage and current measurement and sourcing
  • Pressure to Current or Voltage conversion
  • Current or Voltage to Pressure conversion
  • Two wire Transmitter Simulation
  • Simultaneous display of pressure and selected function
  • Timed / Event data storage with date & time stamping
  • Up and download Cal procedures via RS232 Interface
  • Alternative languages available: French, German, Italian, Spanish

The compact size of the PC6 does not compromise functionality. It can simultaneously show pressure versus voltage, current, date & time, percentage of pressure, pressure switch status, maximum or minimum pressure values . Data can be logged and stored with time and date stamping for future reference. PC6 can source current and voltage using various options e.g. continuous, step or square root functions.

The modular design of the PC6 allows for a customised calibrator to be created, giving minimal functions if a non-complex instrument is required (i.e. A simple pressure indicator). Alternatively, fully featured calibration systems can be supplied, accommodating various pressure ranges using external pressure modules (EPM) or Digital Pressure Modules (DPM).

It is designed for accurately testing and calibrating the following types of instruments:

  • Pressure Transducers / Transmittersouples)
  • Pressure Switches / Relief Valves
  • Pressure Indicators (analogue / digital)
  • Process Indicators
  • Current / Voltage to Pressure Converters

    Additional Features
  • Pressure switch test
  • Leak rate measurement 1 second to 999 days
  • Tare, Maximum and Minimum pressure values
  • Display hold facility
  • Supply output for transducer / transmitter
  • Pressure module temperature measurement
  • Resolution variation facility
  • External pressure module (EPM or DPM) interchangeability for required pressure ranges
  • Windows based software 'SiCalPro' for remote control operation and data transfer into many applications (Optional)
  • ' CE ' marked

    The PC6 is supplied with our hand held test systems:
  • LTP1 Low Pressure pneumatic test system -1 to 3 bar (-30 inHg to 45 psi)
  • TP1 Pneumatic pressure test system -1 to 40 bar ( 600 psi)
  • HTP1 Hydraulic pressure test system to 1000 bar (15,000 psi) ges

    Functionalities PC6 Pro
  • Pressure:
    Type: Relative and absolute pressure (temperature compensation)
    Range: -1 / 40 bar (pneumatic version) / 0 / 1000 bar (hydraulic version)
  • DC Current:
    Range: 0 / 50 mA
    Accuracy: 0.025 % RDG
  • DC Voltage:
    Range: INPUT: 0 / 50 V / OUTPUT: 0 / 10 V
    Accuracy: 0.025 % RDG
  • Large backlight display: CURRENT, MIN and MAX value, selected function
  • Power: Mains and rechargeable batteries
  • Communication modes: RS 232
  • Additional functions:
    Scaling, ramp, step and manual step generation
    Memory, event data storage with data and time stamping
    Pressure - Current / Voltage conversion
    Simulation of two wire transmitters
    Supply OUTPUT for transducer / transmitter
    Pressure switch test
    HOLD function

  • Additional pictures

    PC6 Pro Pressure calibrators

    HTP1-700 HTP1-1000 Hydraulic hand pump

    LTP1 Pneumatic hand pump

    TP1-40 Pneumatic hand pump

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