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AOIP CP 6632 Hand-held process calibrator

Simple and robust, this instrument has been designed to simplify maintenance operations and commissioning of sensors and transmitters using process signals such as 4-20 mA or 0-10V.


  • Process signal measurement and generation at 150 ppm accuracy
  • Protected for on-site use
  • With current loop supply

User friendly, robust, these tools have been designed to simplify temperature transmitters and probes maintenance and commissioning. They measure and generate in thermocouple or RTD's.

Advanced features
  • Adapted to the different working modes of the process world thanks to scaling and different specific ranges
  • High precision: 150 ppm of reading
  • Temperature Coefficients very low: 15 ppm rdg/degree C for voltage and 20 ppm rdg/degree C for current: Accuracy is preserved even in difficult operating conditions
  • Measurement up to 50V
  • Simulation up to 15V
  • Measurement and emission up to 25mA

    Functionalities TC 6632
  • Current: 0 / 25 mA
  • Voltage:
    IN: 0 / 50 V
    OUT: 0 / 30 V
  • Low temperature coefficient: 15 ppm/degree C for voltage / 20 ppm rdg/degree C for current
  • Transmitters:
    HART compatible
    Active and passive transmitters
    Large backlight display: A, mV or % with 3 digits, MIN, MAX and AVERAGE value
  • Communication modes: USB
  • Additional functions:
    Ramp, step and manual step generation
    HOLD function

    DATACAL Calibration management software (21 CFR Part 11)
  • 100% paperless calibration procedures!
  • Full configuration of instruments
  • Real time processing of data
  • Issue your own customized calibration certificates
  • Additional pictures

    AOIP TM6602-6612-6630 Thermometers

    Connexion of RTD

    Connexion of thermocouples



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