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AOIP CALYS 150 Documenting Process Multifunction Simulators

CALYS 150 is a portable calibrator able to measure and to generate simultaneously on 2 isolated channels or to measure on two channels.


  • Temperature: Up to 0.005 % RDG (CALYS 150)
  • Resistance: Up to 0.006 % RDG and 50 KΩ range (CALYS 150)
  • Current: Up to 0.007 % RDG and 100 mA range + Loop Supply 24 V (CALYS 150)
  • Voltage: Up to 0.005 % RDG and 50 V range (CALYS 150)
  • Frequency: Up to 0.01 % RDG and 100 KHz range (CALYS 150)
  • Pressure: Up to 0.05 % RDG and 30 bar relative / 1,000 bar absolute pressure ranges (CALYS 150)
  • 2 measurement channels
  • Protected for on-site use
  • Easy-Connect system
  • Data acquisition
  • HART protocol transmitter automatic calibration
  • 21 CFR part11 compliant

Calys 150 is a very high accuracy instrument for onsite calibration. Very easy to use , all necessary process functions embedded, make CALYS150 the perfect instrument for maintenance, quality control, and calibration.

This robust and reliable calibrator (housing for protection, easy-connect system, high contrast backlit display), makes the job of several units in one instrument.

  • Simulation, emission
  • Pressure, temperature, process signal measurements.

    A Bluetooth interface, quick access to functions, on line help for connection, gives high performances for on site use to the CALYS150.

    Advanced features
  • Memory: Store your calibration procedures in the device and save your results for on site easy and quick calibration during the whole week. Then, upload the data on a computer in order to issue calibration certificates
  • Customized calibration certificates: Issue your own customized calibration certificates with DATACAL calibration software (see below)
  • Additional functions: Scaling, steps, synthetizer, statistical functions... make advanced data exploitation easier

    Easy connection system
  • Push on the terminal top and insert wires with a diameter of up to 3 mm or 10 AWG and compensated thermocouple connectors.
  • Wires are held tight between two brass plates that provide thermal stability and a very good cold junction compensation for thermocouples.
  • This system also enables 4 mm banana plugs and security connectors to be connected on the front panel.

    DATACAL Calibration management software (21 CFR Part 11)
  • 100% paperless calibration procedures!
  • Full configuration of instruments
  • Real time processing of data
  • Issue your own customized calibration certificates
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    Calys 50

    Calys 150




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