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AOIP CALYS 50 Documenting Process Multifunction Simulators

For accurate field and lab measurement. Simultaneous Measurement and Generation, Protected for on-site use, Easy connection system.


  • Temperature: Up to 0.005 % RDG (CALYS 150)
  • Resistance: Up to 0.006 % RDG and 50 KΩ range (CALYS 150)
  • Current: Up to 0.007 % RDG and 100 mA range + Loop Supply 24 V (CALYS 150)
  • Voltage: Up to 0.005 % RDG and 50 V range (CALYS 150)
  • Frequency: Up to 0.01 % RDG and 100 KHz range (CALYS 150)
  • Pressure: Up to 0.05 % RDG and 30 bar relative / 1,000 bar absolute pressure ranges (CALYS 150)

Designed with a close collaboration with industrials, Calys 50 integrates all the necessary functions for adjustment and maintenance of process.

Its ergonomic design and its embedded software allow Calys 50 to be a high performance calibrator and very easy to use. IP 54, full protected by an anti-shock sheath, with ''easy-connect'' terminals integrated, a very contrasted backlight display, it will be comfortable to use in all conditions

Its elastomer keypad protects it from dirty and grease marks, the keys allow to use Calys 50 with gloves. It has 10 working configurations recorded by user or user group, to always find the good configuration for designed and repetitive jobs.

Advanced features
  • Memory: Store your calibration procedures in the device and save your results for on site easy and quick calibration during the whole week. Then, upload the data on a computer in order to issue calibration certificates
  • Customized calibration certificates: Issue your own customized calibration certificates with DATACAL calibration software (see below)
  • Additional functions: Scaling, steps, synthetizer, statistical functions... make advanced data exploitation easier

    Easy connection system
  • Push on the terminal top and insert wires with a diameter of up to 3 mm or 10 AWG and compensated thermocouple connectors.
  • Wires are held tight between two brass plates that provide thermal stability and a very good cold junction compensation for thermocouples.
  • This system also enables 4 mm banana plugs and security connectors to be connected on the front panel.

    DATACAL Calibration management software (21 CFR Part 11)
  • 100% paperless calibration procedures!
  • Full configuration of instruments
  • Real time processing of data
  • Issue your own customized calibration certificates
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    Calys 150

    Calys 50




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