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AOIP OM 21 Benchtop Micro-ohmmeters

OM21 micro-ohmmeter is used for four-wire resistance measurement of very low values (with a resolution of 0.1 W) up to 20 kW, with an excellent accuracy.


  • High resolution: 0.1 uW
  • Programmable by RS232 or IEEE 488 link
  • High accuracy: 0.03%
  • Choice of current waveforms
  • Storage and analysis of 1 000 measurements

OM 21 / 22 micro-ohmmeters are used for 4-wire resistance measurement of very low values up to 20 KΩ with a high accuracy of 0.3% RDG and a 0.1 uΩ resolution. Reliability and accuracy of the instruments is improved by a low temperature coefficient of 10 ppm degree/C, automatic removal of EMF parasites before each measurement and compensation of ambient temperature.

Thanks to the choice of current waveform -pulse or AC current from 100 uA to 10 A- and high flexibility of trigger and sampling, OM 21 / 22 low resistance ohmmeters cover a wide range of applications:

-Cable resistance and resistivity measurement

-Inductive resistance measurement (motors and transformers winding resistance)

-Contact resistance measurement (connectors, switches, relays)

-Test of electrical components and heat sensitive devices

-Metallisation / earth bonding and ground continuity measurement

Powered from mains or from rechargeable batteries, both units are electronically calibrated, with no internal adjustment needed and are able to store 1,000 samples to to be read directly on the display or via Log OM data management software.

  • Measurement: Four-wire resistance
  • Range: Up to 20 KΩ, manual and auto ranging
  • High accuracy: 0.03 % RDG
  • Current: Pulse or AC current, from 100 uA to 10 A
  • High resolution: 0.1 uΩ
  • Low temperature coefficient: 10 ppm/degree C
  • Channel number: 2
  • Operating modes: Manual or automatic measurement triggering
  • Power: Mains and rechargeable battery
  • Communication modes: RS 232 and IEEE 488-2
  • Additional functions Digital calibration without internal adjustment, Alarms, error message...

  • Routine repetitive measurements
  • Test of cable resistance and resistivity
  • Metallisation and ground continuity
  • Contact resistance
  • Inductive resistance
  • Heat-sensitive devices

    Log OM
  • Full configuration of OM21 and OM 22
  • Download, store, read and export data from the instruments
  • Scaling, statistical functions, alarms...

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