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AOIP OM16 On site Micro-ohmmeter

Hard case, plastic washable keyboard, key-locked measurement plugs.


  • High accurate resistance measurement up to 10 A
  • Inductive and non-inductive resistances
  • Automatic measurement in non inductive resistance mode: one single operator needed

    Designed for hard conditions:

  • Hard case (Pelicase type).
  • Plastic washable keyboard.
  • Key-locked measurement plugs.

OM16 milliohmmeter / microhmmeter is firstly a designed for outdoor uses instrument but also in workshop , and maintenance departments.

Easy to use, it performs measurements on inductive and non-inductive resistances with a DC current.

Its large interactive display informs in real time the operator about the type of measurement, range, calculation conditions (resistance calculated according to a reference temperature), thresholds status and values.

  • Measurement:
    Low resistance value measurement in 4-wire configuration
    Inductive resistances
    Non-inductive resistances
  • Ranges: 7 ranges from 5m to 2.5 KΩ, manual and auto ranging
  • High accuracy: 0.05 % RDG
  • Current: DC current, from 1mA to 10 A
  • High resolution: 0.1 uΩ
  • Low temperature coefficient: 10 ppm/degree C
  • Operating modes: Manual or automatic measurement trigger: one single operator can perform the measurement
  • Resistance calculation:
    EMF measured before each measurement
    Display of temperature compensated resistance value
    Choice of metal temperature coefficient
    Choice of reference temperature and ambient temperature (programmed or measured with integrated sensor))
  • Power supply: Mains and quick charge NiMh batteries
  • Communication modes: RS 232
  • Protection: Up to 250 V
  • Additional functions:
    Two programmable thresholds
    Digital calibration without internal adjustment
    Storage capacity: 1000 values identified to read on display and via Log OM software or printer

  • Inductive resistances: coils, transformers, motor windings...
  • Non-inductive resistances: earth bonding, coating, contact resistances...

    Log OM
  • Full configuration of OM21 and OM 22
  • Download, store, read and export data from the instruments
  • Scaling, statistical functions, alarms...

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