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PROMAX RP-250 Multicarrier Generator


  • FREQUENCY RANGE: 5 - 2500 MHz


  • 3 x UHF & VHF band
  • 3 x SAT band
  • 1 x sub band 5 to 100 MHz
  • 1 x ISM band
  • RESOLUTION: 10 kHz
  • CARRIER LEVELS: 90 to 110 dBV
  • COMMUNICATIONS: RS-232C and Ethernet ports
The pilot generator RP-250 is an instrument designed to verify coaxial networks and associated devices. It is an ideal test instrument to generate reference signals in order to equalise frequency bands being suitable for downlink channels, return path frequency band, digital TV antenna installations, cable TV, ISM band (Wireless Bluetooth) and satellite TV.
A local area network connector also is available in order to integrate it in the quality management monitoring systems.

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