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PROMAX Prolite60 Field Optical spectrum analyser

A priority for telecommunication operators all over the world is that of making more efficient their already existing optical networks. The first step is to increase their capacity, which can be achieved by using more wavelengths simultaneously to transport the information.


  • Wavelength multiplexation
  • SLED Light Source
  • Response of optical filters and amplifiers
  • Trace memory
  • Reference Display
  • Double Marker
  • Connectors
  • Internal battery
  • Connection to PC
The PROLITE-60 is the result of an intense research work associated to the development of the latest optical communication systems. It is not possible to propertly install, maintain or troubleshoot systems using more than one wavelength on the same fibre without having an optical spectrum analyser. PROMAX introduces the PROLITE-60, the first low cost field optical spectrum analyser. This unique masterpiece is possible thanks to the use of a new type of monochromator recently developed by PROMAX engineering team.
ThePROLITE-60 is the first optical spectrum analyser truly portable, rough and batteries operated available at a really attractive cost.
The PROLITE-60 is also suitable for many other applications. Using the various available options it is suitable for reflectometry, analysis of materials, fibre sensors, testing of photonic devices such as filters, attenuators, couplers, isolators and other optical components.

  • WAVELENGTH RANGE: 1250 - 1650 nm
  • SPAN RANGE: 10 nm - 400 nm
  • RESOLUTION: 0.15 nm
  • INPUT RANGE: -60 dBm to 10 dBm

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