We changed the way measurements are made! With only pressing a key, the instrument measures and decodes the signal. The new US TV EXPLORER II (for North America) continues with this philosophy and hits again with innovating features. At a first glance the instrument unveils an impressive 6,5" screen with 16:9 panoramic format and transflective technology.


  • LCD size: 6.5
  • LCD aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Transflective LCD
  • Cable QAM annex B (ITU J.83 64/256)
  • Cable QAM annex A (DVB-C 16/32/64/128/256 BW 6MHz)
  • Terrestrial 8VSB
  • Satellite DVB-S
  • Satellite DVB-S2
  • Satellite DSS
  • Analog NTSC
  • FM radio demodulation
  • Spectrum analyzer: (5 and 10 dB/div)
  • Automatic reference level
  • QAM constellation diagram
  • DVB-S/S2 constellation diagram
  • Auto identification
  • Explorer function
  • Automatic measurements
  • Reports
  • Automatic Internet updates
  • Satellite IF test
  • Cable TV: return path (5 MHz)
  • Cable TV: 1 GHz
  • Screen capture
  • Video stream recorder and player
  • Storage capacity: 1 GB

The TV EXPLORER range has changed forever the concept of the field strength meter. From now on, meters will be smaller, lighter weight and much more easy to use than in the past. Just press one key and the instrument measures and decodes the signal under test.However, US TV EXPLORER II introduces many new features. It allows measuring of High Definition satellite DVB-S2 signals. It covers Cable TV return path and 1 GHz. It can display the constellation diagram for DVB-S/S2 and QAM. Allows automatic measurements through the DATALOGGER function with a massive 1 GB internal memory.


  • COVERING: Terrestrial, satellite, cable (QAM annex A and annex B)
  • FUNCTIONS: Spectrum analyser / Measurements / Signal decoding
  • MEASUREMENTS: All measures shown simultaneously, MPEG and AC3 decoder
  • ANALOGUE: Level, Video/audio,C/N
    -Power, C/N, Channel identifying
    -8VSB: MER, SER, VBER, Noise margin
    -DSS QPSK: MER, CBER, VBER, Noise margin
    -DVB-S QPSK: MER, CBER, VBER, Noise margin
    -QAM (16/32/64/128/256): BER, MER, Noise margin
  • TUNING: By channel and frequency (FI or direct if satellite)
  • ''EXPLORER'' FUNCTION: Channel searching and channel tables generation
  • ''AUTO ID'' FUNCTION: Signal type automatic identifying
  • AUTO ADJUSTMENT FUNCTION: Reference level auto adjustment
  • DISPLAY: 6.5" transflective LCD TFT visible under sunlight 16:9 format
    -Automatic datalogger
    -Automatic measurements
    -Measurements reports
    -Satellite IF test
    -Video recording and playing 1GB internal memory
    -Screen capture: specrum / constellation
    -Internet automatic updates
    -USB interface (for updates and data transfer)
    -Cable TV return path measurements (5 MHz)
    -Cable TV 1 GHz
    -PkTools software (included)
    -Transport case (included)
  • DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: 230 x 161 x 76 mm / 2 kg. approx.
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