R&S FSC Spectrum analyzer

Frequency range : 9 kHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz


  • Frequency Range: 9 kHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz
  • Resolution bandwidths from 10 Hz to 3 MHz
  • High sensitivity : ˂ -141 dBm (1 Hz), with optional amplifier ˂ -161 dBm (1 Hz)
  • High third-order intercept : ˃ 10 dBm, 15 dBm (typ.)
  • Low measurement uncertainty : ˂ 1 dB
  • Internal tracking generator (models .13 or .16)
  • Power meter and preamplifier option
  • Storage of measurements result on USB flasf drive
  • LAN and USB interfaces for remote control and transfer of measurement data
  • R&S FSCView software for simple documentation of measuremnt resukts
  • Compact dimension
  • Low power consumption (12 W)

The R&S FSC is a compact, cost-efficient solution that offers all essentials features of a professional spectrum analyzer with R&S quality.

It covers a wide range of applications from simple development tasks to production, or can be used for training RF professionals. Moreover, it is ideal for applications in service or maintenance. The R&S FSC features a wealth of functions for simplifying and speeding up the development and testing of RF products. Its good RF characteristics and its high measurement accuracy help to ensure reliable and reproducible measurement results.
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